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Safe Disinfectant is kills 99.9999% of potentially dangerous microbes. What does that mean? 


Only one out of 1,000,000 harmful bacterium that were present before being exposed to Safe Disinfectant may survive... however this may only be briefly.


We urge our customers to carry our products "on-the-go". They are completely safe to use on sensitive skin without causing chapping as with using alcohol based disinfectants.  

safe to use daily

No matter where you go there is the possibility of viruses lurking. Some last quite some time on surfaces waiting to invade a host and that could be you! 

Indoor public gathering places such as libraries are a "hands on" environment. Our solutions will not cause damage to sensitive equipment or surfaces. Our products are scent free and alcohol free.  They can be used indoors around people of all ages thus giving others in the area the benefits as well. 

Our products are safe to use in public food service businesses such as grocery stores. Safe disinfectant can kill bacteria , mold, and viruses on produce. 

Spraying the surface of fruits and vegetables will  prolong the shelf life of them because they eliminate the microbes that cause rot along with the potential threats to your health. Safe disinfectant is known to kill E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Staph just to name a few.

It is also effective to use around meats and preparation surfaces.








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