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Food Processing Plants

It is estimated that 1 in 6 people become ill and 3,000 die each year in North America from food borne pathogens. Our products effectively eliminate food borne contaminants that plague the food production and processing industry. Avoid costly recalls.


Ready areas for customer turnover quickly without concern about exposure of harsh chemicals to staff and customers. HOCl test strip results greatly exceed the minimum required by Health Canada. 

Mobile Vendors

HOCl is literally a multi use product, it is non toxic but has been proven to kill pathogens more effectively than bleach, alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. It is conveniently space saving to take on the road because it does the job of many products. 

Markets & Grocers

Fresh produce is regularly handled by consumers therefore contaminants are passed along. Our products have been used in grocery settings to kill these bacteria.​

Misting produce will substantially prolong their shelf life because mold and bacteria are eliminated thus increasing profits and DECREASING waste with the added benefit of  protecting employees and customers.

Spray daily and see the results!

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