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Restaurants & Vendors

Highly demanding, fast paced with a high volume of traffic make food service businesses challenging at the best of times. Our disinfectant eliminates 99.9999% of microbes upon exposure. That means only 1 microbe out of 1,000,000 may survive... however this may not be for long.


Many surface cleaners on the market claim 99.9% or 99.99%, in both cases there are a significant number of microbes left alive to potentially rapidly mutate, (that leaves 1 out of 100 & 1 out of 1000 respectively). 

Our solutions are effective in eliminating food borne illnesses such as E.coli, salmonella, listeria, and the norovirus. 

Safe Disinfectant is highly stable with a long shelf life and is completely food safe AND completely safe to spray around staff and customers.

wineries, food processing and food packaging

Processing food products while maintaining a clean working environment is much simpler with Safe Disinfectant. Machinery will not be damaged by our products. They are non-corrosive. 

HOCl eliminates biofilms from waterlines and other areas that are hard to reach. Maintenance costs are significantly reduced along with the ever present risk of contamination and costly recalls of products. 

We have 20 years of experience in providing products and services to various manufacturers, processing plants, and packaging facilities.  We pride ourselves in providing innovative solutions and high standards of service.  We have worked with large pork, beef, poultry and dairy producers,  fruit producers, bottling facilities, hatcheries, vineyards, commercial cannabis facilities and water systems to name a few. 

The uses of our products  and services are vast and life changing.








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