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Flower Selection

Ornamental Growers & Distributors

Increase and extend blooms. Misting and watering plants with our products will give plants a noticeable boost. We have even received reports of plants enduring harsher climate changes.

Plants in Boxes

 Produce Farms

Increase yields and profits. HOCl can treat crops of Fusarium Wilt, Blight, Pythium Rot, Spider Mites. Rid water lines of biofilms. Our products are all natural, safe.  Organic farms love our products.

tomatoes with plant.png


Healthier plants with larger buds. Eliminate soil and water borne bacterial infections and cross contamination. The SAFE Disinfectant Company will impress the fussiest grower. Our products have been used to rid crops of Fusarium Wilt, Powdery Mildew, Spider Mites and more.

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