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Outdoor Fine Mist and Fogging System - Wholesale

Outdoor Fine Mist Spray Fogging System (MSRP $1285.00)

Provide continuous outdoor disinfecting fog to protect guests from viruses and bacteria on patio seating areas. This kit provides all that is needed to install a system that not only provides disinfecting fog but also a refreshing fine mist which helps to cool visitors during the summer months. Alternative uses: entrance way disinfection, gardens, shipping/receiving area disinfection, schools, sporting events, poolside areas.

This system is ideal light commercial use.



  • Quick attach high pressure fittings
  • Fogging machine
  • 1000 psi high pressure pump
  • 80 Adjustable anti drip sprayers
  • Pressure adjustment valve
  • Pressure guage
  • 100 meters of High Pressure Tubing (more can be added for larger areas)


System is easily expanable. Supports up to 60 sprayers.

The system is pressurized therefore as long as the 60 sprayer capacity is not exceeded, spray output is consistent among the sprayers

Outdoor Fine Mist and Fogging System - Wholesale

  • Nozzles will only need to be replaced when they stop misting. When the system uses The SAFE Disinfectant Company disinfecting solution the nozzles tend not to clog and are typically mantenance free. Our disinfecting solution maintains the filter and eliminates scale deposits responsible for clogging nozzles which increases the life of the nozzles.

    Filters should be replaced every 3-6 months on the misting system. If the pump requires oil, it should be changed every 500 hours of run time.

    Misting lines should be winterized and pump should be stored indoors to prevent freezing during winter months. All water should be drained from the lines, filter and pump.

  • All sales final. Exchange of factory defective items will be honored if our customer service department is contacted within 7 days of delivery of item. Our customer service department will issue an exchange ticket along with a return shipping label. Items must be returned in original packaging.


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