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What people are saying


S. D.

"I have been using this product for several months now. I recently had spraying services completed. It made a noticeable change in the overall air quality. I have the tests to prove it!"

Janice B.

"I am really pleased with this stuff. I use it to disinfect my cats' litter area as well as their food dishes. I read about farmers using it on cattle so I even add a little to my cats' drinking water. They love it.  I highly recommend this product".

Paul M.

Since using the "The SAFE Disinfectant Company HOCl Solutions" as a Skip the Dishes driver I have observed that cleaning the car and my delivery bag has eliminated smells and unsavoury odours. 

I have used "The SAFE Disinfectant Company HOCl Solutions" at home in my cold air humidifier and have noticed an improvement in my overall health. Specifically, my lungs are less congested and my concentration and focus have improved. This gives me additional confidence when driving in wintery conditions, and adds to my overall peace of mind. 

Where I live is quite old and from the beginning, there has been black mould in the damp areas of the house. Since introducing "The SAFE Disinfectant Company HOCl Solutions" it has completely disappeared.  

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