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Poultry Farms

Spraying and atomizing HOCl in poultry facilities inactivates Escherichia coli and Salmonella Infantis in liquid to below detectable levels (≤2.6 log10 CFU/ml) within 5 sec of exposure.

Along with its excellent capacity for inactivating pathogens, SAHW (*HOCl) is also harmless for metallic objects, even less corrosive than RO water, and safe for chicks; hence, it can be applied without hesitation at farms and hatcheries.

Image by Jo-Anne McArthur

Dairy Farms

HOCl is highly recommended for use in dairy farms. It has been used as a teat dip for prevention of bovine mastitis.

Image by Christopher Carson

Hobby Farms

HOCl has been shown to effectively treat "Sweet Itch" in horses and is widely used as a spray for abrasions, pressure sores, burns, wound irrigation. HOCl is more powerful than bleach and hydogen peroxide. It is excellent to disinfect bedding areas. Cross contamination of bacteria and viruses is greatly reduced when HOCl is used to clean grooming devices, feeding/water equipment.

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