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Water Treatment and Management Industry

Using HOCl to treat water is very easy.  Many Municipal Water treatment facilities currently use toxic bleach to treat water.   By merely replacing the bleach with SAFE HOCl, not only will it improve the pathogen reduction, the treated water will be healthier for humans, animals, plants, trees and fish.  Moreover, HOCl is much more effective in reducing or eliminating the biofilm in the plumbing, including the tips of your faucets.

(PDF) Combination of River Bank Filtration and Solar-driven Electro-Chlorination Assuring Safe Drinking Water Supply for River Bound Communities in India (

Image by Ana Vieyra

Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Decontamination of high touch areas in hotel rooms and common areas can be achieved by quickly fogging or atomizing HOCl on the surfaces. Statistics on germs:

Elevator buttons 737x more than household toilet seat. TV remote germ tests have revealed 1,211,687 CFUs compared to  604,116 CFUs on stairwell door handles. HOCl has been referred to as "the miracle liquid" for killing germs.

Colorful Indoor Playground

Leisure and Recreation industry

HOCl is highly recommended for use on all touch points. It is safe and has a higher pathogen reduction than many of the toxic chemicals being used right now. When it comes to our health and safety, especially our children, why would we keep using less effective and toxic products like alcohol sanitizers/disinfectants?  Recreational facilities can be quickly and easily decontaminated using our equipment between uses. Harmless and without residue.

Truck and Warehouse

Logistics and Shipping Industry

The Shipping Industry's equipment, vehicles and staff are at a high risk of cross-contamination.  In order to protect the staff and the customers of the Shipping Industry, HOCl is easier to use and is natural & safe.  Is there a better way to give the staff and customers peace-of-mind?  Our misters/sprayers make sanitization a breeze, reducing labour costs and allaying the fears and concerns of customers that 'receive' the products being shipped.


Travel Industry

The travel industry needs products that are more effective than those prevalently used right now.  According to Qingyan Chen, a Purdue University air quality expert, air conditioning systems in small spaces are not designed to filter out particles as small as the coronavirus.  "If the COVID-19 virus could stay airborne for three hours, it could come into a room 15 times before it dies. And that's very dangerous."

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